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This cannot be right!

This cannot be right!

I don’t care what you think about unauthorized downloads, but there’s no way in any sane or moral society that a fine for unauthorized distribution should be 3 times more than compensation paid to Air France crash victims. Lives are not lost with unauthorized downloading, just the excessive profits from a temporary monopoly on distribution.

RIAA and MPAA you should be ashamed. You do nothing to help your cause (which btw is a business model problem you could have solved by now if you’d focused attention there instead of trying to support obsolete business models).







One response to “This cannot be right!”

  1. Tonk

    I’d say there are TWO key points here. One being the word “ADVANCE”, which means this is money that Air France is paying *voluntarily*, therefore it’s still an “open case”. (reading the article helps)

    Point two being: one case is in the US, the other in EUROPE. Nuff said. I’d think you’d know by now that the US is mind-boggelingly MORONIC as far as suits and monetary punishment are concerned.

    So I find the outrage rather rash, constructed and the two are ultimately not even really comparable.

    80K for a few bullshit downloads is EXCESSIVE and RIDICULOUS without any comparison needed. The only outrage here is the joke of a legal system in America. Period.