This cannot be right!

This cannot be right!

I don’t care what you think about unauthorized downloads, but there’s no way in any sane or moral society that a fine for unauthorized distribution should be 3 times more than compensation paid to Air France crash victims. Lives are not lost with unauthorized downloading, just the excessive profits from a temporary monopoly on distribution.

RIAA and MPAA you should be ashamed. You do nothing to help your cause (which btw is a business model problem you could have solved by now if you’d focused attention there instead of trying to support obsolete business models).

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  1. I’d say there are TWO key points here. One being the word “ADVANCE”, which means this is money that Air France is paying *voluntarily*, therefore it’s still an “open case”. (reading the article helps)

    Point two being: one case is in the US, the other in EUROPE. Nuff said. I’d think you’d know by now that the US is mind-boggelingly MORONIC as far as suits and monetary punishment are concerned.

    So I find the outrage rather rash, constructed and the two are ultimately not even really comparable.

    80K for a few bullshit downloads is EXCESSIVE and RIDICULOUS without any comparison needed. The only outrage here is the joke of a legal system in America. Period.

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