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Grow an Audience for your Indie Production: Boston

Grow an Audience for your Indie Production

Unfortunately Rich Harrington is unable to make the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group meeting this week due to back problems. I’ve been there and wish Rich all the best.

Good news is that I’ll be pitching in to help. I lack Rich’s understanding of iPod apps for production, so the subject has shifted a little to “Grow an Audience for your Indie Production”, a subject I know well.

Distribution Time: Can You Succeed?
Join Philip Hodgetts, digital media strategist and author ofThe New Now: How to grow your production or postproduction business in a changed and changing world as he shares how to market your independent project and grow an audience you can monetize. Since the advent of low cost production equipment almost any project can find a suitable budget. However distribution has not been democratized to the same degree. Learn how others have built substantial and profitable audiences for their independent film and video projects and successfully monetized the audience.

Learn the common themes and how you can apply them to any independent production.

“On this occasion his topic was “Growing An Audience for your Indy Production.” Phillip pointed out that a major paradigm shift has taken place. Where once distribution (as well as advertising, promotion and building an audience for that distribution) was the job of a distributor or a network, it now falls to the filmmaker or content creator. Hodgetts presented case histories of creative and successful self-distribution, talked about piracy, blogging, using the internet and tribal marketing, among others.” – John Coleman at MediaBootCamp, San Diego