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OS X 10.7 Announcement:

OK, no-one has told me anything about next week’s OS announcement but, as it relates to QuickTime (and my expectation of a new footing with AV Foundation from iOS) here’s how the script might go:

QuickTime has been one of our biggest success stories: powering not only iTunes but our professional video and audio applications as well. With 10.6 Snow Leopard we introduced QuickTime X, built on what we’d learnt from playing media on iPhones. Since that time we’ve learnt a lot more. In fact we’ve built a powerful new media foundation in iOS that we think takes QuickTime to a whole new level in media creation, playback and management power.

Or something like that. It’s very consistent with the way QuickTime X was pitched for Snow Leopard and Apple’s self congratulatory style.  If I hear any words vaguely like that, I’ll be cheering.






3 responses to “OS X 10.7 Announcement:”

  1. Totally agree, except that unlike you and me, Steve Jobs isn’t an Aussie, so he’ll say “learned,” not “learnt.”

    Excellent analysis as always Philip.

    1. He’s got a week to get it right! 🙂

  2. There’s also the rumoured release of iLife ’11. While a new version of iMovie holds no particular interest for me, if all the apps have iOS equivalents, then it WILL be intriguing to see what an iPad version of iMovie will look like- and it may give us some hints as to where touch development for FCS might be going…