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Sync-N-Link 1.6 Faster syncing

Sync-N-Link 1.6 Faster syncing – 245 clips processed in 2.7 seconds compared to 43.2 seconds in version 1.5

No new features! – just significantly faster syncing thanks to a complete rewrite of the code.

Free update to all – Check for Updates in Sync-N-Link’s application menu.







2 responses to “Sync-N-Link 1.6 Faster syncing”

  1. Chris

    Sounds cool.
    I wonder if you could give some illumination on how Sync-N-Link is different from Pluraleyes?

  2. Philip Hodgetts

    Sure. Sync-N-Link supports a professional workflow with matching timecode and is wicked fast in a fast-paced professional environment. It’s been used on TV shows and movies where turning around dailies needs to be done quickly and accurately. With Sync-N-Link synching hundreds of dailies takes less than five minutes.

    Pluraleyes is a great solution for those who can’t afford professional gear and workflows but for whom time is less of an issue. It would not be practical to sync hundreds of dailies every day over a production season on a TV season like CSI: LA or the Sara Silverman Show. But a good tool.