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The Terence and Philip Show Episode 12

The Terence and Philip Show Episode 12: The future of Final Cut Pro.

The discussion leads on from my post What should Apple do with Final Cut Pro? from last month Terence brings in his perspective.

This episode starts with discussion about a potential Adobe and Microsoft merger and its implications. Which leads into a discussion about 64 bit QuickTime.

The primary discussion revolves around a discussion on what Philip thinks Apple should be doing with Final Cut Pro.







One response to “The Terence and Philip Show Episode 12”

  1. Great podcast, Philip ‘n’ Terence. While I’m hopeful that somehow Apple can update the QT underpinnings more quickly than you describe, I’m somewhat resigned that they won’t be able to. I’m a longtime FCP user that’s considering learning more PPro to be able to use native codecs, but I feel like there’s still some advantage to transcoding to ProRes if only for the benefits (however mild) that codec family brings for rendering (filters, etc) and compositing.