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Wasn’t 3-D supposed to be cooler than this?

Wasn’t 3-D supposed to be cooler than this?

While it seems the entire industry is rushing to 3D, perhaps it’s time to step back a little and see if it actually enhances the movie-going experience.

The author’s headings probably tell you all you need to know about the article with my summary of the intent:

Shoddy technical work insults audiences (Most 3D is not well done)

No one asked for a 3-D ‘My Soul To Take’ or ‘The Last Airbender’ (A lot of 3D adds nothing)

That’ll be one $16.50 ticket for ‘Alpha and Omega’ (3D is expensive even if it adds nothing)

Would you like an eye infection with that? (Recycling glasses isn’t always done with meticulous cleanliness.)







One response to “Wasn’t 3-D supposed to be cooler than this?”

  1. Shshshshsh!
    The kit makers are making a killing selling stuff people don;t need…

    But yes Phil, its a fad as the cinema industry expected. But this time its a fad that will not go away.
    We will have 3D going forward, we just need to realise that it only really works for 5-10% of the films Hollywood are likely to release. And 3D conversions generally do not work..

    Everyone has seen 3D now, and most of us now choosing to give it a miss.

    So please, if your big in 3D the only thing it is starting to mean is.. If you cannot make a good film, just make it 3D and it does not matter..

    We need to focus on making good film, with good scripts.. 3D is just something to consider if it ads to the project.