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Join MediaSilo, Oasis (and me) for Free Metadata Event in LA

RT @zbutcher: Join MediaSilo & Oasis for FREE event in LA

Metadata is crucial in today’s ever-changing, competitive post production environment. New, exciting tools continue to emerge. Trying to sort through it all? Join us for a special event in LA onJanuary 27 @ 6:30.

Metadata is becoming increasingly powerful and vital in today’s ever-changing, fact-paced post production environment. Once an afterthought, producers, editors and digital content creators alike are now embracing metadata and implementing it into their workflows. New, exciting tools continue to emerge in the marketplace that make gathering and tracking metadata quicker and more efficient. Having the power to streamline your workflow, and maximize your search capability is an immeasurable asset, and will ultimately save you time, money and headache on your next project.

MediaSilo and Oasis Imagery are proud to present, ‘Metadata Workflow: How to Make Metadata Work for You.’ Join us along with guests from CET Universe, AV3 Software and Intelligent Assistance Inc., as we navigate our way through the importance of metadata and the tools that allow you to take the most advantage of it.

Philip Hodgetts of Intelligent Assistance is an expert and consultant in digital production and post-production workflows, encoding, web applications, digital delivery and technology innovation. He is the President of Intelligent Assistance and has also authored several books.

Doug Hynes of AV3 Software, is a creative media industry veteran, having worked for all of the major software manufacturers, including Avid, Apple and Autodesk. As Director of Products at AV3, Doug provides technical support, account and product management.

Tony Cahill is the chief engineer of CET Universe, a leading provider of services and systems for professional audio and video production. He manages a team of technology specialists that provide design, installation, and service support for integrated workflow solutions.

Erik Freid – Media Silo – has more than 15 years of experience in major markets, working with clients including independent and documentary filmmakers, episodic TV, and studio feature production.  As VP of Product Management at MediaSilo, Erik leads the development and feature set of the MediaSilo platform, as well as designs cost effective workflows for even the most challenging of production needs.


2 responses to “Join MediaSilo, Oasis (and me) for Free Metadata Event in LA”

  1. Any sort of recording or summary for those of us not blessed with living in the LA area? Sounds like great content.

  2. Unfortunately it wasn’t recorded and there probably won’t be another event. Of >40 signed up, only 5 attended. Made the raffle more rewarding and the quality of attendee was good, but a bit embarrassing for LA!

    OTOH, tonight’s Editor’s Lounge is (I think) being recorded for distribution via Vimeo.