If You’re Still Betting On Flash for Mobile, the Joke’s on You

If You’re Still Betting On Adobe Flash For Anything Mobile, The Joke’s On You http://tinyurl.com/4f6kczp

Flash on the desktop has become bearable thanks to hardware acceleration, but no matter what Adobe says publicly, they have not been able to deliver a version of Flash on any mobile device that has acceptable performance and battery life.

Even that isn’t the least of the problems of Flash on mobile:

But even if it’s technically possible to have Flash on your mobile device — ideally, properly tuned to work without draining your battery — that doesn’t even necessarily mean it’s going to do what you want.

Flash on the desktop expects a mouse, not a touchscreen, so some Flash websites may not even work properly. And forget about using Flash on your Xoom to watch Hulu; the video site historically blocks Flash on mobile devices. Hulu wants you to pay for its Hulu Plus subscription, which has customized mobile apps that don’t rely on Flash.

For mobile, the ship has, mostly, already sailed.

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  1. Well, *that* makes it an honest review, doesn’t it? 🙂

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