The iPad version of iMovie is “the real deal”?

This paragraph from John Gruber’s reflections on Apple’s iPad 2 event really stood out for me:

iMovie for iPad seems like the realization of Randy Ubillos’s vision for movie editing software. Seldom does an app as popular and useful as iMovie get a genuine “let’s just start over from scratch” redesign like iMovie did on the Mac several years ago. And the current Mac version is, without question, a major improvement over the initial redesigned version. This iPad version, though, feels like the real deal, and makes the Mac version seem like the imitator. The concept, visual layout, and intended workflow are naturally suited to touch. This is what the new iMovie is supposed to be.

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The Terence and Philip Show Episode 21

The Terence and Philip Show Episode 21: Talking about the “new” Final Cut Pro

This is the show where we talk for twenty eight and a half minutes about a version of Final Cut Pro that neither of us have seen, nor have any real information about. We make some intelligent guesses on what to expect.

It’ll be fun to revisit this after the new Final Cut Pro is released.