7 Things “Dexter” Taught Me About the Future of TV

7 Things “Dexter” Taught Me About the Future of TV http://tinyurl.com/4pmhfds

I think the seven trends Will Richmond identified  through his experience with catching Dexter seasons 1 & 2 on iPad, are truly indicative. He explains each in detail, but here they are:

  1. The term “reruns” is obsolete – as is thinking Netflix is just for reruns;
  2. Data is king (real data about consumption way beyond Nielsen)
  3. The bar for advertisers is getting higher. More alternatives that are not advertising supported. (Again, see Netflix!)
  4. TV is personal and portable. Perhaps the biggest change of all along with:
  5. The concept of “scheduling” is upside down – count me as one of the “binge consumers”.
  6. Packaged media is dead.
  7. TV Everywhere is absolutely essential for pat-TV operator’s success, but they’ll manage to find a way to make it not work, and get beaten by, yes again, Netflix!

Death to the Shiny Disc

Death to the Shiny Disc http://tinyurl.com/686q9gl

Ethan Kaplan was recently heading up Warner Music’s technology efforts, particularly their digital side. His insider take is hard to set aside, despite its bottom line that the highly profitable monopolies have gone away, and that’s a good thing. Ethan puts it exceptionally well, so I’m only going to make one quote. Read the whole article if you care about the future of media.

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