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Why Every Brand Should Hire a Professional Video Producer.

Why Every Brand Should Hire a Professional Video Producer

In summary: the professionalism expressed in the quality of production has a direct bearing on how well the brand will be received:

Bruce Alfred, Principal of Cobblestone Inc., is asked over and over, how important is it to create high quality video? Can I just use my consumer HD camera to make something and put it up on my business website? As professional video producer and web video consultant, Alfred’s answered that question many times and his answer is no, that’s not the best idea.

Alfred says,

“When you’re putting your own video on your site you want it to increase and raise your image. You don’t want it to join the YouTube, user-generated, quickly shot and thrown up on the web type of video because there’s so much of that. You want to rise above the noise. So, in short, make sure that you hire a video producer or a video production company that knows how to tell stories, that knows how to connect with any audience, that can learn your goals quickly and be able to interpret those goals into a message that calls people to the action that you need.”

Note that he doesn’t talk about how “professionals” have a certain level of equipment, but rather hire “a company that knows how to tell stories”.

Mind you, a little creepy with the author of the piece quoting himself in the third person, but that doesn’t mean what he’s saying isn’t accurate!