Macromedia Final Cut

Macromedia Final Cut t-shirt. Fits a much younger man.

I was tipped off at my first NAB in 1998 that Macromedia were showing their new NLE in a little room off the show floor, in among a maze of temporary rooms in the basement of the Sands Convention Center. It was the last demo of NAB.

At the end of the demo – where I immediately knew this was going to be the “hot new NLE” – they threw out T shirts, and in a jump that would do the NBA proud, I caught this T shirt.

Thanks to some recent dieting since NAB 2011, I now fit into this again! Amazing co-incidence just days before a whole new version of Final Cut Pro drops.

2 thoughts on “Macromedia Final Cut”

  1. When it was at Macomedia its internal code name was KeyGrip and that was to be the release name early in the development. Macromedia changed the name to Final Cut, and Apple added the Pro.

    Final Cut Pro 7’s four digit application code is still KeyG for KeyGrip.


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