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Brad Bird: Hollywood isn’t brave enough to copy the Pixar process!

Brad Bird: Hollywood isn’t brave enough to copy Pixar process

It’s an interesting interview about Brad Bird’s (and Pixar’s) creative process, but I flagged it for the headline, which leads to the second question:

GB: Pixar is widely admired but, really, rarely copied. Why do you think that is?

BB:  Everyone in Hollywood says they wish they could do it like Pixar, but they really don’t. There’s no secret at Pixar, but there is a belief in letting people pursue something with passion and take chances, and most of Hollywood, really, doesn’t like that. It’s too scary. Some studio executives will say they love obsessive creators who take risks, but really most of them would rather play it safe. Projects cost a lot of money and people would rather follow patterns they know and make things safe and accessible. Hollywood wants there to be a math formula for making hit films. To make something really great and different and interesting means taking risks and following these ideas in your head.