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Defining quality

Defining quality

While Seth Godin is always worth a read, this article struck me as being very relevant in a discussion of what is a “pro” (as a proxy for quality in this context). The central point is that there is not one type of “quality” that is universally valued equally.

We see this in the wide range of entertainment and production qualities that are acceptable quality, depending on the context. A video on YouTube isn’t expected to have the same production ‘quality’ as network-disrtibuted episodic Television, and that’s how it should be.

It turns out that there are at least two useful ways to describe quality, and the conflict between them leads to the confusion…

Quality of design: Thoughtfulness and processes that lead to user delight, that make it likely that someone will seek out a product, pay extra for it or tell a friend.

Quality of manufacture: Removing any variation in tolerances that a user will notice or care about.