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Metadata looms large at IBC

Metadata looms large at IBC I’ll be teaching Metadata & Asset Mngmnt #dvExpo code SFC11 to save money.

As expected, metadata is going to be a dominant topic at IBC, whether identified as such, or under the heading of Media Asset Management (MAM), because all media management is done using metadata, which is why I’ve combined them in my Using Metadata For Production and Asset Management day at DV Expo. (Check out my other sessions at DV Expo.)

Philip Hunter previews where metadata is heading, with a surprise resurgence of interest in MPEG-7 or the principles involved, at least.

MPEG-7 evolved from ideas developed in the IT world of object-oriented programming, where an objective was to describe different types of data including images and sound. Video did not really figure then, so MPEG-7 picked up some of the object-oriented ideas and took them further by adding a temporal dimension for the moving image. This led to the creation of nine subclasses to categorize content within an AV sequence. Spatial and temporal segments are categorised separately and then combined as necessary

I promise, I will translate these concepts into language people can understand – at least people who aren’t high level geeks, but still need to understand and use these ideas.

Hunter also reiterates the differing needs between metadata in the production phase, and what’s needed for distribution. He also notes the cost of producing metadata and therefore the necessity for moving metadata between use cases.

Finally he previews the vendors who will have new metadata or MAM related products at IBC.







5 responses to “Metadata looms large at IBC”

  1. Edgar

    The metadata issue really interests me but…
    What is MAM?

    1. Media Asset Managaement. I updated the article to make that clearer.

  2. Edgar

    Hello Again,
    I’m from Europe and I beleive I will certainly not be able to attend the 2011 DV Expo. Will you at some time publish your paper on ” Using Metadata For Production and Asset Management”?
    Thank you very much,

  3. It is my intention to take the content of that one-day presentation and expand it into a book that should be out before the end of the year, probably much sooner.

    1. Edgar

      Thank you very much for your replay as well as for your general dedication on informing so many of us!