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  1. as a composer/sound designer, changes after the “lock” are my nightmare. removing or inserting a scene changes the rhythm and flow of the music. I have heard editors say “but it’s only 4 seconds” as if that matters. 4 frames, 4 seconds, same difference. now that audio is elastic we CAN wiggle around and accommodate 4 frames, but the nightmare is changes after the lock.

    another nightmare is AVO pickup lines that don’t match. same announcer, but different mic, different eq, different compression. or different tone or pace from the same announcer.

    and, of course, the nightmare of sample rates and aspect ratios and codecs and things that don’t match. I had to take a project to the UK once to record an orchestra and THAT was easier than some domestic gigs, because we were aware of the traps (25 frame SMPTE and PAL and 50Hz ~) and watched out for them.

    it’s when you’re not paying attention that you get into trouble….

    1. Thanks Joe. Yes, changes after “final” or picture lock are a nightmare.

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