What are your postproduction nightmares?

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  1. We work hard to design, test and refine our production workflows, our post workflow checklists and automated backup procedures, and until you asked a very good question I had not thought that we had any recent nightmares.

    Til i remembered how much we we were looking forward to vastly improved speed and workflows from the new generation of Final Cut from Apple.

    With Apples dismissal of the film and post community that has many, many projects already in the pipeline, almost all with multi cameras edits…Improved XML metadata is interesting but it doesn’t put food on the table.

    So now our workflow nightmare is testing all new non Apple workflows based on software tools we had not considered having to move to.

    Now THATS a nightmare.

  2. Who knows, you might be back on FCP X sooner than you think. Personally, while Apple may have handled the changeover better, I’m very pleased that someone decided to take a new look at an editing interface and done something great.

    I’ve been cutting for the last two hours in FCP X and really enjoying it, overall. But there are some little things that I can’t figure out. Overall, it’s been very much faster than FCP 7 where I’ve got 13 years experience (since FCP 1 beta).

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