Let’s Get Serious — Branded Video is about the Information.

Let’s Get Serious — Branded Video Is About The Information http://t.co/e8ccL5qs

I think branded video – where a company or brand puts up all the production money in order to present their brand.  This article from VideoInsider.com jumps from an “interesting” statistic, to examine what brands want, or need ,out of their investment in video.

Our research has shown that consumers are not typing brand names into Google to download commercials to their PCs.  They’re searching for information.  Through our research for a large electronics company, we learned that consumers weren’t searching for information about how to choose a camera, but were searching for information on how to use one to take pictures of babies, weddings, kids, etc.  That insight was invaluable in crafting our branded online video strategy for the company, which focused on providing consumers with information on how to take the best pictures — using their brand of cameras, of course — rather than a commercial about which of their cameras consumers can buy.

Good statistics and background in the article.

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