1 in 3 Viewers Despises Television…

1 in 3 Viewers Despises Television And Wants To See It Die http://t.co/WvpihGVD

It’s a small sample but an interesting result:

The survey was prompted by the news that a generation of “cord-nevers” and “cord-cutters” is forming — young people who don’t want to pay for cable TV because their laptops and mobile devices provide plenty of free video.

By late Friday, 910 votes had been cast and the result was overwhelming:

  • One third of you (307) said you had already given up pay TV and were not going back.
  • Only 94 voters said they paid for basic cable.
  • Another 103 owned up to buying premium TV service.
  • Those low numbers were equalled by the 95 voters who said they could not ever imagine watching regular TV again.

I dont’ think that all cord cutters are motivated by a desire to not pay for cable. I’ll cheerfully pay for the product I want to buy: on demand, all shows, either with advertising or I’ll pay a subscription (or my preference, to pay a fair amount for each program I actually watch – the same amount that would otherwise be obtained by the owner from advertising, not 3-5 times more).  I won’t pay a cable company who declines to provide a DVR “because we don’t offer that in your area”.

I would just note that companies that stop meeting the needs of their customer, stop being companies shortly thereafter.

4 thoughts on “1 in 3 Viewers Despises Television…”

  1. The headline was misleading. People don’t hate “television”, they hate paying for its delivery. It seems people really like television, want plenty of it, and want to access it at lower cost. A reasonable human response that effects every commodity.

  2. Agreed that the headline I quoted wasn’t really the substance of the article and your summary is correct. Except I don’t want to pay less – the $55 a month I used to pay Dish seemed about right – I just want the flexibility of paying for what I want, when I want to watch it, and preferably any program ever made of a *fair* price. (Not the usury that is iTunes, Amazon etc – compared with ad revenue for the same program.)

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