Project Xto7 has been accepted into the App Store

Project Xto7 has been accepted into the App Store as Xto7 for Final Cut Pro (a clearer name). Our first App Store App of many I expect.

The subscript 2 was just too much for the app store – no provision to include it in the name, so we did a rethink. Smooth sailing into the store – approved in less than a week.

And there it is. Doesn’t show by search yet, but here’s the direct link:

Mac App Store – Xto7 for Final Cut Pro:

4 thoughts on “Project Xto7 has been accepted into the App Store”

  1. congrates Greg on your latest APP legend,Merry christmasP from Your sis and family.P.S. see you in 2012 ???

  2. Hi Philip. Congrats on getting your App in the Mac App Store. I just had a question about your app. Does your app support exporting FCP X projects into FCP 6, or is it just for FCP 7? And the “…Beyond” part, does mean support for Premiere Pro CS5.5, AVID, etc? Many thanks, love reading your blog.

    1. Xto7 produces FCP XML Version 5 – ie FCP 7, but if you open the file in a text editor and change the version ID at the head of the file, it will import to FCP 6, without colored marker support (of course).

      “And beyond” absolutely means direct import to PPro (and then to After Effects), Final Cut Server, Color, etc – anything that supports FCP 7 XML. That leaves out Avid but the Automatic Duck FCP 7 XML to Media Composer tool is now free, so you can work that way.

      1. Thank you for the prompt reply! Great! Thank you so much for developing such helpful software and always for your insight on our ever-changing field of work!

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