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The Robotic Musicians known as: Intel’s Industrial Control in Concert Some amazing engineers – softwaare *& hardware.

I admired the animations when they came out and am just blown away that an engineering team could implement it in real life, in 90 days using off the shelf software and hardware.

And while we’re on that theme:  Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme (more…)

The war on H.264 is over: “We lost,” says Mozilla at Apple Insider

Thank Goodness, sanity finally prevails! In fact Mozilla’s previous approach – holding out for Ogg or WebM codecs – had the unfortunate side effect of driving even more people to the very closed Flash for distribution of H.264 in FireFox. Exactly the opposite of what the Mozilla folk wanted.

I’ve long said that H.264 is “one codec to rule them all” (because it scales so well) and it’s about time Mozilla realized that the world really only wants one codec. Well, really users just don’t want to care about codecs at all!



Amazon takes the lead in TV Streaming?

Amazon takes the lead in TV Streaming?

Interesting statistic that Amazon Prime now has over 17,000 shows (movies and TV) with the addition of more titles from Discovery’s networks.

Amazon also notes that there are now over 17,000 titles now available for streaming, and more than 120,000 available for rent or purchase through Amazon Instant Video. Last month, when Amazonsigned a similar deal with Viacom, the number of streaming titles was brought up to 15,000, so this is a notable boost in content. For what it’s worth, in December, the count was 13,000. If Amazon keeps up this pace, Amazon Instant will look a lot different by the end of 2012.

I think it’s time to sign up for Amazon Prime (finally).

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