NAB 2012: Where I’ll be.

If we’re in the same place at the same time, come say hello.

We’re traveling to NAB/Vegas on Sunday, April 15. First to a private function then (hopefully) dinner with a close friend. Then on to the IMUGonline meet up:

Come as you are and have some food & drink with friends. The MediaMotion Bal team will be at this event & it’s a great way to start your NAB week. Diablo Bar, Monte Carlo.

Then we move onto KISS around 10-10:30pm (if I don’t fall asleep):

Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire NAB 2012 KISS by Monster Mini Golf Tournament

KISS by Monster Mini Golf, 4501 Paradise Rd.  Las Vegas, NV 8916

Tickets still available from Eventbrite.

Monday afternoon I’ll be live on Cutting it Close- Live from NAB! with Mitch Jacobson from 4-4:30 along with Ned Soltz.

Monday night is the sold-out MediaMotion Ball.

Tuesday I’ll be mostly on the show floor doing meetings with Aframe and Tools on Air.

Tuesday night is the (also) sold out Supermeet.

And Wednesday we go exploring something other than Vegas and NAB before heading home on the Thursday.

In addition I’ll be producing a Special Report for the Digital Production Buzz on the state of metadata at NAB 2012: who’s using it in production, for asset management, and what common formats are people coalescing around. (Hopefully there is a consensus view!)


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  1. Hi Philip – I will be at NAB Sunday / Monday – I hope to see you there!

  2. Hey Philip. Did you get another sit down with Apple this round? Be interested in your take on it.

    1. Schedule for Monday morning. They’re doing briefings both days, and I was traveling Sunday. But I won’t have to write it, Larry already did 🙂

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