Marketing Lessons from IBC

When you are designing your marketing messaging, you need to clearly communicate the benefit (or even the service/product you’re providing) to those who have no idea what you do. In light of what I’ve observed on the exhibition floor at IBC, I may even need to reconsider our own “Taking the boring out of post” slogan as not being clear enough.

Here are some examples from IBC. As a general observation I think “solution” and “end to end” need to be banned from all marketing slogans. See if you have any idea what companies do. In most cases this was all you could glean by walking by. Capitalization as shown.

Software that works (As a developer I’m not at all offended!
End to end solutions
The future of tv today
Made to discover
Make it Possible
Connecting Business Opportunities in A Better Way (the same company as the Make it Possible slogan on a different booth)
Play it Forward
Solutions for Media
Software for Media
Push the Limits
making media work
Time to Play >
Creative solutions for a digital world
we design success

Not a comprehensive list by any means – that’s just two halls. If you’re relying on a slogan to give clarity to a company name that has no inherent meaning, then surely the slogan has to clarify, not leave the casual observer wondering what the heck the company does.

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  1. Awesome list, Philip. So hilarious!

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