Why is TV attracting the best writers, instead of film?

A recent article in the Atlantic confirms my long standing suspicion that the best writing and most interesting characters with the most interesting stories are on TV, not in the movies.

The article identifies a lot of reasons to support their assertion:

Expanding appetite for media;

  • Long story arcs
  • More flexibility in story (particularly in the cable/Netflix/Amazon Studios/et world)
  • Longer story arcs
  • An “uncreative business model” in much filmmaking.

I think, however this quote captures the crux of the matter:

Although moviegoers loved special effects in movies like Inception and Life of Pi, a fixation on technical wizardry has overpowered investments in good movie storytelling…

United Talent Agency CEO Jeremy Zimmer

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  1. Television provides what Hollywood has failed to realize: good stories. CGI cannot sustain an audience alone.

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