NAB Wrap-up: The Genius of DaVinci Resolve 11

One of the most interesting NAB announcements was the addition of some 70 additional editorial tools to DaVinci Resolve 11. This makes Resolve a very competent on-set DIT tool, a full featured NLE, and a world-class finishing tool. Mostly for FREE. What is interesting here is how this is likely to play out in the long term.

I’m impressed with the list of editorial features in the upcoming DaVinci Resolve 11, and the rapid pace of development of Resolve from world-class color grading, to something much more. I can see people migrating from Final Cut Pro 7 to DaVinci Resolve 11, and even some perhaps migrating from Premiere Pro CC.

Certainly, those who have the experience and want to have ultimate control over their editing software will probably find DaVinci Resolve 11 to their likely.

However, it is relatively unimportant how Resolve performs in the short term. This is a long-term play that could lead Blackmagic Design to a very strong position a few years down the track.

Being free and with the daVinci and Blackmagic Design brands behind it, I would expect that DaVinci Resolve 11 (and onward) will become very popular with the next generation of filmmakers. As they grow familiar with Resolve, and as their careers develop, they’ll want to continue with what is familiar.

I think this is a brilliant move: capture the hearts of the upcoming film community and they’ll bring your tools with them and it’s an excellent strategy for Blackmagic Design, both short and long term.

We’re seriously looking at bringing our professional workflow tools to DaVinci Resolve 11 if we can, as well as possibly even supporting DaVinci Resolve 11 with Lumberjack Systems.

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  1. I think the disruption will come from browser-based.. cloud driven apps. It’s happening right now for 3D VFX, soon NLE’s. Any vendor who is not considering having their application running in the cloud will probably fall out of favor.

    1. Matt – can you unpack that idea? What do you mean by “their application running in the cloud”? Do you mean like Adobe, FCP, Autodesk where you download the app to your computer and go? Or do you mean like Google Docs where the app literally lives in the cloud (not on your local machine) and you run it through a web-broswer interface?

      If the latter I can’t really envision that happening anytime soon (i.e. 2-4 years). How you run audio plugins? Video plugins? What about responsiveness of fine trimming control? What if you’re in the field and have no Internet connection….how would you work? I’m sure at some point in the future that could be a reality as Moore’s Law continues to exert itself within the post-production space. After all, chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson in 1943 said, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

      So I won’t say never to the browser, cloud-based NLE idea, but I don’t see that happening in the near-term.

      1. Both Adobe Anywhere and Avid’s (now) Media Composer | Cloud are true “in the cloud” editing with a thin client connection at the user end. Essentially all the processing is done at the server end based on the commands from the user interface. The results (playback, compositing, filters, etc) are then piped back to the user interface via an adaptive bandwidth encoder. Full resolution is sent when playback stops.
        This is remarkably functional, because we rarely display full resolution on our desktops during playback (FCP X on a Retina display notwithstanding).

      2. The internet infrastructure in the US is too slow for anything other than very short commercial form video. Even in Europe where network speeds are much faster cloud based editing has not gained traction.

  2. I dont think so. I will never purchase an app that lives in the cloud.
    I want the app and my content on MY computer , where I have control of it.
    Did you people check your brains at the door.

  3. + the Rock.

    Copy that – I had been upgrading Adobe Production CS_ Suite every time – but now I’m gonna use Adobe CS6 for the next 10 years. Screw the cloud – not gonna happen.

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