Education is Marketing?

According to interviews quoted in Entrepreneur magazine, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs hated two words “brand” and “marketing,” which is odd considering people consider Apple one of the best marketing companies in the world. However, this quote explaining the Apple approach to marketing resonated.

Responding to a similar question from her interviewer, Behance CEO Scott Belskey, Johnson explains that Apple treated its launch campaigns as massive efforts to educate the public about the company’s new products by effectively communicating what made the experience using them so great:

What was important about that is the marketing team was right next to the product development and engineering teams. So we understood deeply what was important about the product, what the team’s motivations were in the product, what they hoped that product would achieve, what role they wanted it to have in people’s lives. And because we were that close, we were able to translate that very clearly in all of our marketing and communications.

The reason that resonated to me is that I have never consciously “marketed”, but I do like educating people on the benefits of our various workflow apps.

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  1. Would one say that Apple hasn’t educated people well, regarding the benefits of FCPX?

    A very large portion of the criticism of FCPX seems to come from ignorance and misunderstanding, misconeptions.

    1. One would NOT say that Apple have not educated people well. People will only learn when they want to learn, and that’s most of the problem with FCP X. People refuse to learn something new.

  2. “When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with wisdom.”

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