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The Trials of a Small Software Developer Part 2

As it turns out, Gatekeeper wasn’t finished with us yet, as it turned out when Greg went to add another feature to Producer’s Best Friend.

As an example of how a simple task can end up taking a day, add a feature to your software. We had a feature request and Greg took 10 minutes to write the actual algorithm for the new feature in about 10 minutes.

Then it had to be wired to the interface, which required a redesign of the Preferences interface.

Then the Help needs to be updated. That draws attention to the interface image that is now out of date, thanks to the new feature being added.

None of which takes much time by itself, but that 10 minute feature update took about 2 hours to fully implement.

Then we discovered that Sandboxing wasn’t finished with us yet. It took another couple of hours to track down why the app was failing when the (newish) xlsx output was selected. Sandboxing is very fussy about file permissions and where an app can write files and, by default the xlsx module was attempting to write files where it should not, and therefore they were not being written.

Correcting for Sandboxing took much longer than implementing the feature.

Such is the life of independent software development. That said, while we introduced no new apps in 2014, there 79 updates –  was more than one update a week across the five Final Cut Pro X apps and the three Final Cut Pro 7/Premiere Pro CC apps.

UPDATE: The new version of Producer’s Best Friend was submitted to the Mac App Store on Feb 12 and was approved on Feb 20.