Lunch with Patrick Palmer

Recorded in Munich in September, our next lunch guest is full time dad, and some-time product manager for Adobe, Patrick Palmer.

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Currently on paternity leave, Patrick Palmer will be returning to his role as Sr. Product Manager, Color Workflows. Patrick came to Adobe via the purchase of Iridas. Our interview covers the formation of Iridas, and a whole lot more.

Introduction  0’ 15”
Paternity Leave  0’ 23”
HDR, bigger frame sizes, higher frame rates, 3D and wider color gamut  1’ 55”
Metadata as the solution for deliverables   12’ 15”
The need for changing terminology  17’ 18”
The digital transition  19’ 15”
The joy of analog film  21′ 50”
Stars Wars history with film and digital acquisition  23’ 52”
Career Start – Serendipity  26’ 39”
Career Start – the beginnings of Iridas and Speedgrade 34’ 11”
After Effects, product development  39’ 30”
Music, alzheimer’s and brain stimulation  41’ 35”
After Effects and Color Correction  43’ 56”
Trends in Color Correction Tools  48’ 56”
Touch control (in Color tools and editing tools)  51’ 20”
Evolving workflows  54’ 08″
Food discussion  61’ 43”
Patricks interest in food  63’ 20”
The creative value of stepping away from the computer  66’ 16″
The quality of food supply and children  67’ 18”
Food show production while traveling  70’ 47”
How do we learn to appreciate good food  73’ 52”
Biggest change in your career  75’ 00”
What is the biggest change you expect to see in the rest of your career?
Advice to your younger self or someone starting out now?  85’ 26”

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  1. any plans to turn this series into a podcast? Might make it easier to consume (I think it would for me anyways). The video component is nice but might not really be necessary for everyone (again, me!)

    1. You, like me, recognize that it’s mostly about the audio, but this is 2015, almost 2016, and content without video is mostly passé. Plus, audio has no real challenge! 🙂


      1. I think audio still has a place in 2016 🙂 Look at the popularity of podcasts, especially hits such as Serial and Radiolab.

        But more importantly, I see no reason why there can’t be both versions!

        1. There is no reason there can’t be both versions, other than I’m buying a house! 🙂 It probably should happen.

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