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Producing The semiSerious Foodies

The production kit for The semiSerious Foodies – Greg’s and my new project – fits on one small bag I can comfortably carry on my shoulder. Each episode of the video part of The semiSerious Foodies starts in a restaurant, and continues to local markets, on into whatever kitchen we have available when we travel.

The core kit is the same as used for my Family History project and showcased on The Digital Production BuZZ: Up to 2 GoPro Hero Black running in 4K 24 (now) mode. For the cooking show we use an NEX 7 as the primary camera. Audio is still the same H1N/lapel microphone used for the Family History and Lunch with Philip and Greg projects.

The GoPro clamp and gooseneck mounts let me put a camera anywhere, while the NEX 7 gives me a really nice look. Because I have an editing background, I tend to direct for the edit, so the shows are relatively easy to edit.

I make camera archives of the GoPro and NEX 7 cards, then import to FCP X and make a multicam clip using audio: just one for however long the shoot takes until the end of prep work. The wrap up at the end is usually another clip, although many times I just let FCP X make one long multicam clip. (The longest I’ve done is over five hours, btw.)

It’s a basic cut down edit from there. I do log everything as we shoot with Lumberjack but not for the immediate edit. Having the shoot logged means I can find all “grilling” shots in the future (for example). It’s for adding long term value.

The only trick in my editing is that Greg helped me set up some Applescripts triggered off function keys that both select audio only or video only multicam edit mode, but cut to the specific angle. That’s because I never want to switch audio and video to the same source. Two or three video angle where the audio will never be used (beyond synchronizing in a multicam clip) and two audio only angles where there is no video.

My multicam setup.

My multicam setup.

This setup has simplified the editing of The semiSerious Foodies, and Lunch with Philip and Greg. I’ll publish a tutorial as soon as I allocate time.

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