Apple to create original programming?

According to an article on MacRumors today, Apple is negotiating with Studios and Producers to create original programming for Apple TV. Two thoughts.

Apple have long created their own content by running music festivals and recording the performances.

It’s been a long time coming, but I thing it was inevitable. Back in late 2009 I postulated on What if Apple or Google simply bypassed Networks and Studios? My conclusion then:

Clearly, either Google or Apple could destroy the existing content production industries without borrowing or risking their business. Just what leverage do the current middlemen really have?

It’s a strategy that’s working well for Netflix and Amazon.

One thought on “Apple to create original programming?”

  1. It boils down to the, more philosophical, question “What is a broadcaster?”
    Traditionally, broadcast means: a megalomaniac sized infrastructure, offering a rigid schedule, sequence and length of content.

    But streaming/downloading has no such limitations. I can watch YouTube/AppleTV/netflix/et al whenever, however and wherever I want. I can do my own re-runs. And each show can vary in length, no scripts with ‘cbh’.

    And I pay for what I watch, ‘flat’ or per view => that’s where underrated micro-payment comes into play, “just 0.99$? … easy!” That gives a solid finance of program, with a user friendly watching experience (=no interruptions).

    Just to mention a few observations: Seinfeld’s “” – no ‘broadcasting’; the original team of “Top Gear” – soon on amazon; Stallone’s “Ultimate Beastmaster” – gameshow on global scale, not on TV ….

    >>> The new broadcasters are the Content Delivery Networks.
    What have I read not-so-lately ’bout Apple 😉 ? ….

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