“Works with iMovie/Final Cut Pro X” Trademarks

Patently Apple reports Apple have filed for Trademarks for: ‘Mac – Works with iMovie’, ‘Mac – Works with Final Cut Pro X’ & Combo of Both.

This certainly isn’t the first time Apple have filed for “Works with” Trademarks, and that’s what makes it interesting. Previously these type of trademarks have been for Apple Ecosystems, like iPhone, iOS, iPad, CarPlay, AirPrint, et al.

While I have no idea what it might mean – developers have no clues yet – it is interesting that iMovie and Final Cut Pro X are being considered as part of a larger ecosystem. For those who don’t know, these days iMovie is a version of Final Cut Pro X with a simplified interface.

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  1. …or since the beginning of Final Cut X, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say “Final Cut X is a version of iMovie with a more fully featured interface.” ??

    1. Except you are 100% wrong. iMovie was an app based on QT for DV. Randy Ubillos created a new app while on vacation as a pre-editing tool for producers. Steve Jobs decided it would become their new consumer video editing app. This was also based on QT, which is why the import was so slow – it had to convert to all I-frame codecs for performance reasons on that scrubbing.

      With the decision not to proceed with 64bit Carbon, the FCP team was tasked with not only rewriting the app, but to re-imagine the NLE for a modern age. Some concepts that Randy had developed for his iMovie were used in the development of FCP X: scrubbing, keyword ranges, keyword collections, magnetic-ish timeline. With these concepts in mind a completely new, modern app was built on modern OS X frameworks: Core Video, Core Audio, Core Animation and AVFoundation. And I suspect CoreData as well.

      Subsequently iMovie 2012 or so became FCP X lite. It’s the exact same app at FCP X but with a simplified interface. This is the current situation.

      1. What Philip said. 😉

        iMovie effectively became the new Final Cut EXPRESS as of version 10.0 (released October 22, 2013, to be overly pedantic :P), not the other way around. Before which they had some *visual* similarities at best. But then iMovie had (has) that with a loooong list of other apps as well. From RED CineX, iTunes etc. etc. etc. Both of which you could just as well call “iMovie Pro” by the same criteria. Similar looks, completely different guts.

        So yes. as good as 100% wrong.

  2. well, macOS Sierras forthcoming feature SCENES, described e.g. here…


    … could be the reason:

    any camera, delivering metas in some standarized format to help ‘Scenes’ (simple example: GPS to identify subject is ‘mountain’) could get such a sticker….

    Faces, Places, now Scenes = auto-tagging by content (!) could be awesome – if it works. And if you could teach it new, customized Scenes… 😉

    1. Turns out these Marks have been in use for some years on cameras.

      1. > … Turns out these Marks have been in use for some years on cameras.

        Really?? wow, never saw that. That DOA ‘iFrame’ a few times on boxes, but “Works with FCPX”? Only as inspiration for my text tee print…

        > …Faces, scenes and Places would be great metadata to have.

        suprisingly it isn’t yet so, hm?
        So many (consumer) devices come with Face Detection and GPS…
        Probably a ‘standard’ thing = where to store what …

        … I knew how to catch your, Mr.Meta’s attention … 😉

    2. Faces, scenes and Places would be great metadata to have.

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