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Automating Final Cut Pro X

Since starting work on the Lunch with Philip and Greg I’ve battled a little with the multicam. Largely because I’m using it in an atypical way, although I suspect setups like mine will become more common in the future.

My solution was Automator actions, triggered by Function keys and activating an AppleScript, so that the mode is first switched to Video Only (for angles 1 or 2) or Audio only (3, 4 and 5) before switching to the angle.  It reduces a lot of repetitive strain injury potential!

The tutorial is over at, but here’s a little background.

Multicam setup

Angle 1 and 2 are from two GoPro Hero Black running in 4K mode so I can extract multiple 1080 framings during editing. Because of the audio quality of the GoPro, I never use the audio from angle 1 or 2.

Angles 3-5 are individual recorders (lapel mic and Zoom H1 on each person) and there is no video with these audio recordings.

Switching to the appropriate mode first, then the angle was slowing down editing.

After consulting with people during IBC last year to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, the suggestion was made to use an Applescript. With help from Greg Clarke, that’s exactly what we did.

Check out the tutorial is over at



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