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Using Technology to Solve Problems

Thanks to an introduction by a mutual friend, I had the opportunity to chat with Alex LoVerde of SyncOnSet, and it stuck me that the best technology is one driven by a direct, and often personal need. It also struck me how different two ostensibly similar “metadata companies” can be.

For those who don’t know SyncOnSet is essentially providing a modern, electronic version of the “production bible” – that three ring binder with all the continuity information and notes from all departments. Quite definitely creating production metadata, but metadata valuable to the production office, and not particularly interesting to editorial.

SyncOnSet saw the need for automation and modern communication in the traditional production processes and then built it.

Regular readers will know that Lumberjack System came out of a 2012 project called Solar Odyssey, that presented many challenges for power, communications, internet, etc, and finding a way to get some sleep! Logging real time with Lumberjack was the solution, and the on going development continues to be driven by those using it.

But what you may not know is that almost every app made by Intelligent Assistance Software was inspired by or requested by, someone’s specific problem. Those apps don’t solve any of my problems, other than FindrCat Pro, but every one was suggested by someone. Someone I can name, and generally know personally.

Sometimes technology seems to want to solve problems I don’t have, but when it solves real world problems like those above, it’s doing what it should be doing: making our lives easier and better.