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Adobe and Now it makes sense!

When introduced Camera to Cloud I thought it was brilliant, but the level of technology that was required to implement it, led me to think that it was only for the “high end” of production, an area out of my experience. While often lucrative, that’s a fairly finite market, and I doubted C2C would ever be something I’d use. The (mis)belief that they were addressing a fairly limited market led to a little surprise with the Adobe valuation.

With yesterday’s announcement of strategic partnerships with Atomos and Filmic Pro totally achieves the goal of democratizing C2C. Atomos makes it possible to integrate (almost?) all HDMI outputs direct to C2C while Filmic Pro builds the capability into their mobile apps.

With a limited C2C license included in our Creative Cloud subscriptions it’s now something I feel is for me. Congratulations to the team.