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Amplifying Individual Music Composition

Three new tools use Machine Learning tools to compose music. Two with a gamified interface for free form composition, and the other a browser based custom music track creation tool, reminiscent of SmartSound, but with computer instruments.

ToneStone describes itself as a :musical creativity platform for everyone” and appears to be browser based. I say “appears” because I didn’t sign up for a trial. In their introductory video they describe using ToneStone as being “game like”.

The other gamified app is Vinyl Dreams on iOS describes itself as:

 An innovative app that enables you, beginner or expert, to create high caliber productions anywhere, with just your fingers, eyes, and ears.

While I also chose to not invest the time in Vinyl Dreams or ToneStone, I did spend quite a lot of time with browser-based Sondraw, which creates custom-composed tracks. You set Mood, Genre/Style, Tempo and the general instrumentation, then within about 10 seconds Soundraw presents 15 tracks to your specifications!

The results are at least as good as library music I’ve paid money for in the past, although there is a slight “electronic” feel to the results.

The results can have further customization of instrumentation and which part are playing, on a segment by segment basis. You can even upload a video to preview the music against for timing and instrumentation. And it’s all done by Machine Learning.

The amazing thing about Soundraw is that we are at the point where it’s easier to get 15 custom composed tracks than pull up a music library online!