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Avid in the cloud – edit anywhere, on anything (updated)

Avid in the cloud – edit any media anywhere Wonder how they solve the bandwidth problem? This is exciting if it’s true.

There are immense issues to solve regarding remotely accessing media. One solution would be an advanced version of Remote Access (VNC, shared desktop etc) where you’re only accessing the screen. This would be viable with large enough bandwith.

Really sharing the media – pulling media from a remote location to a Media Composer near you, would seem to be science fiction just yet.

I guess we’ll have the answer in a few days. I’ll be covering the Avid Media Event for the NAB BuZZ and for this blog. I hear there are more good things to come without knowing details. But maybe the Supermeet announcement has leaked something? (See my next post later today).

Update: Thanks to Oliver Peters I’ve learned that Avid’s “Edit in the Cloud” technology comes from a July 2008 purchase of Maximum Throughput’s MAXedit Web Edition. From the Videography Magazine Vidy Awards from that year’s NAB:

Maximum Throughput’s MAXedit Web Edition is a subscription-based online service that lets videographers reporting from the field upload SD or HD content—including HDV, DVCPRO, MPEG-2 and H.264 formats—to the online server and edit it and share it with other editors via a Web browser interface. Because the editing is executed on the online server, editors are free to use inexpensive, standard PCs or laptops in their studios or in the field. By eliminating the need for expensive, high-powered NLE workstations, storage systems and LANs, MAXedit Web Edition offers operational savings without compromising high-quality production standards. The MAXedit Web Edition service will be launched this fall.