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Canon releases two new 50 Mbit MPEG2 Pro Cameras

Canon releases two new 50 Mbit MPEG2 Pro cameras I was expecting more. Looks like XDCAM EX for acquisition is default.

I was hoping for something truly remarkable from Canon this NAB. Instead we get two very competent Compact Flash cameras recording the XDCAM EX format (as do JVC’s GY-HM100 / GY-HM700 cameras from last year). The Canon’s record up to 50 Mibit 4:2:2 as previously announced. Nice but not exciting.

The cameras themselves – XF305 AND XF300 – are priced at $8000 and $6800 respectively, with full raster 1920 x 1080 sensors. Ony the XF305 model features HD-SDI out, Genlock and Timecode in and out. Interestingly, Canon note that the Timecode in/out is for “multi-camera or 3D productions”.

Hard to justify the price when the Canon 5D Mk II is well under half the cost, although without video camera features like Genlock and TC.