Goodbye Satellite truck – stream H.264 instead.

Goodbye Satellite truck – stream H.264 in real time over WiFi or cell network instead.

The device, [a portable battery-powered, video encoder] which can be attached to a camera, creates a H.264 file which is streamed to a CDN via Wifi or to a cellular network..

This sort of functionality for live streaming is currently provided by a computer connected to the camera.  Having a portable solution opens a number possibilities for news organizations, sports teams and performers.  We think this is very cool.

Is Android the “Windows” of the Mobile world?

Is Android the “Windows” of the mobile world to Apple’s Cocoa Touch (aka OS X)?

Is the operating system of choice war gone from Microsoft vs Apple, to Google (Android) vs Apple (Cocoa Touch/OS X) for the mobile handset OS of choice?  Looks certain that Android will be very pervasive as t’s as adaptable as OS X (for everything but desktops – so far): Android on Mobile phones is a true competitor to Cocoa Touch on the iPhone and iPad (and I’d love that built-in wifi hotspot capability to make it to an iPhone); Android in “Google TV’s” up against Apple TV running a (older) version of OS X (Tiger iirc).

Maybe Apple will always be a highly profitable “minor player” that leads in innovation?

Just look at some of the most recent Android-specific stats:

  • 100,000 Android-based phones are activated every day.
  • It’s on 60 devices from 21 OEM makers on 59 carriers in 48 countries.
  • There are 50,000 apps in the Android Market Place.
  • In the first quarter of the year, it was the second-best selling smartphone OS after RIM’s BlackBerry.

MASH Finale vs LOST Finale

MASH Finale – 106 million viewers; LOST finale – 13.5 million. Hasn’t the defintion of a “HIT” fragmented with burgeoning channels?

Even a hit show of today wouldn’t get renewed 20 years ago, such is the fragmentation of viewership.

Flash For Smartphones Is Finally here – and it’s terrible?

Flash For Smartphones Is Finally Here, And It Is Terrible

Apparently the performance is good for games but in a browser it’s as bad as Steve Jobs predicted.

Of course, this is beta software – both the version of Android OS and Flash 10.1 for mobiles – so this isn’t the final form we should judge, but you’d thing, if this is the killer aspect over the iPhone, Google and Adobe would want to show something that deflected Mr Jobs’ criticism.

PocketNow recently put a Nexus One with Android 2.2 through a series of speed tests against an iPhone 3GS and and HTC HD2 running Opera for Windows Mobile. The Nexus One outperformed the other phones by a comfortable margin — but only when Flash was disabled.

With Flash enabled, the Nexus One was the slowest of the three phones.

Speed isn’t the only problem with Flash in Android. A snap review from Gizmodo on Thursday pointed out that it’s also a huge battery drain, and outside of sites specifically optimized for mobile, isn’t yet all that reliable.


10 Tips to better pricing

10 Tips to better pricing How 1% increase in revenue usually leads to 11% increase in profit.

There’s a lot of detail, and not every suggestion applies to every business, but these will find their way into my “How to Grow your Production and Post Production business” (Next up May 19 in San Francisco with SF Cutters.)

  • Stop marking up costs.
  • Set prices that capture value.
  • Create a value statement.
  • Reinforce to employees (and yourself) that it is okay to earn high profits.
  • Realize that a discount today doesn’t guarantee a premium tomorrow.
  • Understand that customers have different pricing needs.
  • Provide pick-a-plan options. (Some people want hourly, some want project price)
  • Offer product (or service) versions. (My brother has a premium roof gutter business, and a competing budget roof gutter business.)
  • Implement differential pricing.
  • Use pricing tactics to complete your customer puzzle.

and in summary:

Since pricing is an underutilized strategy, it is fertile ground for new profits. The beauty of focusing on pricing is that many concepts are straightforward to implement and can start producing profits almost immediately.

The sky is always falling with new technology

Cracked nails it! With every technology innovation we’re all doomed. Again. and Again. Will they never learn!

The various industry spokespeople and representative never look for the opportunity, only the threat. Look how the industry’s first responses were so very, very wrong.

  1. VCR’s Will Kill Television!
  2. Phonographs and Player Pianos Will Kill Music!
  3. Pirated BASIC Will Kill Software Development!
  4. The Cassette Will Kill Music! Again!
  5. The Printing Press Will Kill Literature!

I am reminded that Jack Valenti who famously told a congressional panel in 1982:

“I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone.”

And then the Video Cassette (and later the DVD) saved the film industry and now generates the majority of the profits.

NEVER believe an industry insider’s take on new technology. They will always be wrong. Remember that MPAA and RIAA! Your own history proves you’re probably wrong about every thing you’re arguing now.

Branded Content: Why you should care.

Branded Content: Why you should care I believe branded content is more the future of advertising than ads. When advertising becomes content, if I’m interested in the content, I’m probably also interested in what the brand is offering.

I only hate (with a passion) irrelevant advertising that interrupts the program I’m watching. Relevant advertising that’s integrated with the program, in a style and format matching the entertainment content, I don’t have anywhere near the problem with “advertsing”.

The problem is, 99% of the advertising I’m exposed to is completely irrelevant for me nearly all the time. And that’s a problem that branded content usually solves.

Much web content has become reliant on brand partnerships and sponsorship deals — making it one of the easiest ways to survive in the web series world.