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Songwriters Guild Claims The Internet makes it impossible to create content

Songwriters Guild Claims The Internet Makes It Impossible To Create Content From the too-stupid-to-breath department! Seriously.

Quoting discredited reports – discredited by none other than the US Govt. General Accounting Office – and flying in the face of a booming music industry, fueled by the ability to build audiences over the Internet, these guys basically want welfare for songwriters and no business model to ever change, or cause an income drop.


Of course, the SGA, and its boss, Rick Carnes, are sort of famous for their over-the-top ridiculous claims that were debunked ages ago, but Carnes never seems to let up. In Carnes’ world, the gov’t owes songwriters a living, and the fact that the market has changed is of no concern to him, because he doesn’t want to change, and the government should do everything possible to stop such market changes. Carnes/SGA also have also said that “network neutrality” means more piracy, that songwriters cannot write without copyright and, my favorite, that no technological change should ever be allowed to decrease royalties for songwriters.