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Unbundling channels to programs or apps.

Unbundling channels to programs or apps. Inveitable consequnce of unbundling trend of the Internet. Louderbeck is always a good read.

The internet is all about unbundling. Newspapers and magazines have been unbundled – why pay for the whole thing, when you can just read the articles you want online for free? Music has been unbundled – why buy a CD with 11 crappy songs for 15 bucks when you can just buy the good one for 99 cents?  Even TV shows are unbundling.  Why suffer through the whole show when you can just catch Letterman’s top 10 list at, or the funny bits ofSaturday Night Live on Hulu or YouTube?

Cable TV is next. Why should I pay $75 or more for 500 live channels when I only watch around 15 regularly? That works out to around $5 a channel, a month, by the way, a princely sum that only ESPN, HBO and Showtime meet or exceed from cable ops – and ultimately customers.  But I pay for those 500 channels via affiliate fees, meaning I support ESPN, Comedy, Disney and Nickelodeon – which I’m happy to pay for – along with Hallmark, FoxNews, Animal Planet, and 482 others I couldn’t care less about.