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Adobe Delivers Flash Player 10.1

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 10.1 – Most People Can’t Use It and

This quote from TechCrunch is spot on:

Adobe can prove Apple’s decision to bar Flash from running on some of the world’s most popular and capable smartphones and the iPad wrong, but only by doing what it is doing now: by actually shipping Flash for Mobile and showing that it knows how to make it an integral part of the mobile experience, without slowing things down.

Gig Om is a lot less positive with it’s headline:

Adobe Delivers Flash Player 10.1 But Most People Can’t Use It

Ouch! Kevin Tofel continues:

The key word in Adobe’s press release today being “expected,” which appears three times. Platforms other than Android are expected to integrate and work with Flash Player. All of the latest Android handsets are expected to see Froyo, which is required for Flash Player 10.1. The production version of Flash is expected to be available as a final production release for Froyo devices. Translation: Adobe hasn’t delivered anything to most handsets today and the fate of Flash Player is increasingly out of Adobe’s hands.