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Marketing Tips for Web Video Series

Marketing Tips for Web Video Series. Two views from creators of Compulsions and

The post from CompulsionTV’s own site does refer to the excellent article by Pam Kulick but also adds some additional insights.

The points made in both articles are applicable to any independent project be it film,web video, tv or music.

If you want to learn about Web series marketing challenges and how to surmount them, then you will enjoy this account of launching the Web series, Compulsions.  As the marketing lead for Compulsions, I can attest that they were formidable:

  • No brand sponsors or advertising partners
  • No Web TV Network Partner or distribution strategy
  • No marketing budget
  • No launch strategy
  • No clear-cut genre
  • Mediocre Web site
  • No previous Web series credentials for the creator
  • Eight episodes
  • Needed to launch by December 2009 for Streamy Award qualification (Holiday Season)