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‘The Movie Business Is Dying!!

‘The Movie Business Is Dying!! Blame TV!’ Of course this is 1959 but insider predictions have always been wrong!

The industry insiders have been universally wrong about their predictions of “doom” for their industry. This time it’s Mary Pickford in 1959 claiming that TV had already killed the film industry.

If they’re an established insider in any industry, they are almost certainly wrong about technology innovation. Bank on it.

Pickford: Well, that’s true. But it’s very expensive, and we have to face the fact that at one time there was 17,000 theaters — I don’t know what the number is today — but it breaks my heart to go by them today and see them… bowling alleys and skating rinks. Certainly, the motion picture will always be there, but I believe when paid TV comes in, and I’m sure it’ll be less expensive than going to the theater, that it’ll be the real death knell of motion pictures.

Oh, BTW, the US Film Industry just had it’s largest Box Office Gross ever. Nice prediction Ms Pickford.