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When All Content Is Personalized who needs TV networks?

When All Content Is Personalized, Who Needs TV Networks

An unusually insightful article ont he GigOm network that summarizes some of the changes that are becoming more obvious:

Over the last week, we’ve seen:

It then goes on to consider the role of broadcast networks when programming is delivered on demand and from many sources. It’s a worthwhile read that concludes with:

So what’s the future of network programming, and how do media companies reach an audience that isn’t tuning in to a certain channel at a certain time? How do they get audiences to watch their shows, when an algorithm is in control of the recommendations?

In a personalized world, there will be more emphasis on quality of content, certainly, and niche content and the long tail will have its time to shine. But there will also be a place for sponsored placement, of the sort we already see on YouTube, for catching the user’s eye. The question is if that kind of placement will be enough to capture new audiences that otherwise might not tune in.








One response to “When All Content Is Personalized who needs TV networks?”

  1. As I’ve said often enough on my blog, as far back as 2008 (, with DVRs, there are no more real networks — other than your own personal network — and no more real schedules. Even I, as an Official Olde Man, no longer know or care what time a show I’m watching was originally on and — except for the horrible watermark/bug, which I no longer pay any attention to — I don’t really know or care what network it was originally carried on.

    This situation is amplified with other VOD services and DVD style collections of old shows. Does anyone really notice what network FREAKS AND GEEKS originally ran on. Nope, not so long as we can watch it when we want to watch it.

    The broadcast networks have really become nothing more than very large first run distribution channels. They certainly help to popularize new content, but it really doesn’t ultimately matter who they really are.