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Episode 19: Starting over in a “Green Field” revisited

Episode 19: Starting over in a “Green field” revisited. New episode of The Terence and Philip Show: a clean start.

We originally talked about the concept of starting over in production with a Green field – no established starting points – in episode 11. In this episode we take it a little deeper as Terry and Philip revisit the subject.

Another longish show, so put on a render, pull out the snow blower or take a long walk.

During which I make the confession that we recorded this show (originally) back in December, before Episodes 17 and 18, but I asked for it to be killed because I was arguing that individual producers could do this… and when I thought about it, realized it would work better if there was a new type of “studio”. So we recorded a new show, and this is the result.

It’s not a simple topic, so it’s a long show.