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YouTube Buys Next New Networks in First Big Content Acquisition As well as’s coverage, and Silicon Alley Insider have coverage.

As I suggested over a year ago, Google are getting into the content business. As rumored two months ago, Google have purchased Next New Networks for an undisclosed sum. This makes sense as Next New was heavily dependent on YouTube for distribution.


Tools for Connecting with Bloggers, Twitterers, Superfans and Groups

In the modern era of independent production and distribution, the “first audience” is a core concept. Find the first audience – those that will be interested in the topic of your independent project, and reach out to them first.

Finding appropriate bloggers, tweeters, groups (and hopefully) superfans, is the challenging part. These tools are designed to help with that.

No really suitable section for quoting as it’s all just good reference material.

For Every Entertainment Industry Job ‘Lost’ To Infringement, – 12 Jobs Be Created Elsewhere?

It’s an interesting piece of research particularly int he light of the discredited (by the US Government Accounting Office) “studies” by the RIAA and MPAA, which never take into account any potential positive of unauthorized distribution, aka free publicity.


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