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Guess who has the first Final Cut Pro X book for sale in Amazon?

Guess who has the first Final Cut Pro X book for sale in Amazon?

The story of how the book was written so quickly is here.






3 responses to “Guess who has the first Final Cut Pro X book for sale in Amazon?”

  1. Graeme Herwig

    Well done! thats fast work!
    guess we will have to wait a bit for it to come out at the UK Amazon store- but will buy the e-version later.

    Iv’e spent a couple of years coveting, learning and starting to implement Final Cut Server for all our rushes, projects & deliverables. so a ‘little’ disappointed at it’a apparent demise.

    I was looking forward to all the metadata integration FCPX and server might have provided- but maybe this is the wrong way of thinking about it? and that the new FCPX Metadata feature that will grow into into effectively a new ‘FCP sever’ since the client is already built into every copy of FCP X- all we need is for all this to work nicely on SAN/NAS’s and an Admin Application/ Control Panel.

    Imagining the future, what do you see Phill?
    (assuming FCP X survives as a industry/broadcast tool after it’s hellish launch).

    Hoping your book cover’s your thoughts on future development?

    What i like about FCP X i love, but like many others i’m a little frustrated and disappointed at it.
    Saying that i can well imagine that in 6-12 months time going to start to look like a real contender.


  2. You know one of the great things about your book, I can download it in Australia for US$4.95 same price as everyone else in the world.
    I can download one of Larry Jordan’s tutorials for the same price as anyone else in the world.
    But if I download FCP X today in Australia it will cost me US$375.96.
    Discriminatory pricing is another way Apple are annoying their worldwide customers.
    In Australia if I tried to charge someone more for my services based on their race / nationality I would find myself in court for racial discrimination.

  3. I have herd alot of thing about final cut proxy it is amazing I’ve used final cut pro 7 and motion 4 it’s great