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Lighting bill plumets using EPIC

Lighting bill plumets using EPIC. Post on Reduser parallels my thinking from March

From the forum post:

We are working on a few quotations out of the US, Europe and Asia at the moment and we often go back to older jobs for reference.

One thing that dawned on us the other day was how our lighting (gaffa) quotations have plummeted over the last 12 months. We still hire Gaffas but really.. hardly any gear comes out any more. Well only a small percentage of what we did use. 
The latitude and range of the chips these days are so bloody good in hi contrast situations and low light situations that large lamp fill is almost non existent anymore. In Shots were I’d throw up an 18k without even thinking twice to fill a shot under a tree through a 20×20 trace… gone. Generator gone, best boy gone… time delays waiting to set it all up also gone… Trucks have turned to Vans, Hmi’s turned to small LED panels or bounce boards…


2 responses to “Lighting bill plumets using EPIC”

  1. Interesting.

    Of course, the casualty in all this? Best Boy and Gaffer.

    The entire industry is at an inflection point.

  2. It used to take 6 guys to move the camera around too. As technology advances this is going to happen. It’s too bad but there it is.