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Philip answers Terry’s Final Cut Pro X questions

Philip answers Terry’s Final Cut Pro X questions. Episode 30 of the Terence and Philip Show.

Maybe this should be Episode 3X!

Philip had one week’s early access to Final Cut Pro X and answers Terry’s questions in this 30th episode of The Terence and Philip Show.

Philip’s book, Conquering the metadata foundations of Final Cut Pro X is now available.

Many, many thanks to Isai Espinoza for editing the show again and making us sound smart, particularly on this show!! Thanks Isai, awesome job.







5 responses to “Philip answers Terry’s Final Cut Pro X questions”

  1. ( Philip – sorry to post here – but the BUY button on your XML book does not seem to be working @ 4:35 pm EST Wed)

    1. Thanks Art. Greg’s working on it.

  2. Greg

    Fixed! Thanks Art.

  3. Christopher Carnel

    Wanted to post here as the other has simply devolved into rant central. Kudos to you once again for your insights and your patience in dealing with so many trolls and such droll. Unreal.

    Anyway..any thoughts on when some of the gaps are filled? Namely legacy project import and EDL’s? By Apple or third party?

    This fall, next year?

  4. Apple gave me no timelines although they said to both Larry Jordan and I that they plan to do much more frequent (and free) updates through the App Store. Larry says 1-2 a year.

    I think project import will be only 3rd party now. There’s a thread over at the COW quoting Randy U as saying it wasn’t a priority for Apple and they weren’t doing it.

    EDL Export requires getting access to whatever the new workflow (XML) is and ready to go, but we’re thinking of adding EDL Export to Sequence Clip Report for FCPX when we can do it.