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Selling Special Interest Video…

Selling Special Interest Videos: Sell The Sizzle, Not The Steak

It’s a good general principle in marketing: people are not interested in your product or service (The Steak), merely what it can do for them (The Sizzle). In this article, that principle is applied to selling special interest videos.

Marketing to a potential customer is not that different from marketing to a video service client. You can use all avenues, such as advertising, networking, PR, etc., but to make it the most effective you have to keep this key marketing concept in mind – you need to step into the customer’s shoes and ask, “why would I buy it?” You need to sell the benefit of watching the DVD and answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” That’s what gets people excited about buying your video.

Then goes on to give some great advice on writing copy that sells!



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